The Bible is about A King, Kingdom and Royal Family!

  • The Kingdom The Main Issue!

The Kingdom is the main issue, if you ask most people of the main purpose for Jesus coming to the earth, they will probably say to die for sins. While dying for our sins was a priority of Jesus, it was not His main purpose or priority. I know this is difficult for most to comprehend since all of your life you have been told this story. The truth of the matter is that dying for sins was necessary to restore the Kingdom back to man. The tragedy is that most people have failed to apply this truth to their lives, and it was the main purpose for Jesus coming and represented the one assignment he had to accomplish. When he said it was finished he was referring to his assignment. The death on the cross was the final piece to his assignment. With His death three days later followed his resurrection and forty days later His ascension to Heaven. Where once there he could seal the deal and release the Holy Spirit back to man thereby putting the finishing touches to the restoration of His Spiritual Kingdom. Our message to the world is clear. Repent and believe the Gospel and live. Refuse the Gospel and Jesus and be eternally destroyed from Jesus their Lord and Savior and His Kingdom.